Step by Step Guide

New Users

1. Create New Account.
    • Go to
    • Click in Create New Account and fill in the required fields correctly:
      • E-mail address: is the unique e-mail address that you wish to use as User Name to access your account, and where all notifications will be sent.  1
      • First Name: first name of the registrant. 2
      • Last Name: last name of the registrant.  3
      • Password.  4
      • Confirm Passwrod.  5
      • Check the Terms & Conditions checkbox.  6
      • Click on the Create button.  7

2. Email address validation and account activation.
  • In order to validate that the e-mail address provided is correct and activate the account, the user will receive a link via e-mail in which you must click  or copy and paste in your browser.
  • Once the e-mail address is validated, you will receive a welcome e-mail confirming the correct creation and activation of the account.
3. Choose payment method.
  • You have to choose the frequency that you want to withdraw money from your account.
    • Weekly payments:
      1. you can withdraw money every day*.
      2. No invalid traffic discounts.
    • Monthly payments:
      1. You can withdraw your money every month*.
      2. Higher revenue.

*Withdraws are subject to a minimum amount.

4. First access, user social network´s association.
  • First thing user must do is associate the social networks where they will be publishing contents for the campaigns. To do so, you must enter the Social Accounts menu within Socialek Monetize (

  • Facebook fanpages association.
    • Click on the Connect button and fill in the required fields to access your Facebook account.

  • Once you are validated by Facebook, the platform will display the information of Facebook fanpages where the user has Administrator or Editor privileges.

  • User must select the fanpages for which to create campaigns and set them in "active" status by clicking over the fanpages icons.


  • Twitter account association.
    • Click on the Connect button and fill in the required fields to access your Twitter account.



5. Campaign set up
  • To create new campaigns, user must enter the Campaigns section within Social Accounts menu, and click on the Add New button.

  • Complete the following fields in the Campaign Creation screen:


  • Define Campaign name (required) 1
  • Description of the campaign (optional) 2
  • Select social network/s where campaign will be posting (required) 3
  • Select campaign thematic 4
  • Campaign weekly maximum content available for posting 5
  • If it´s a Twitter campaign, does it have echo? 6
  • Add posting time schedules 7
  • Save campaign 8