More posts not always means more money

You may think that the more you post on your Social Media account, the more people that will see your posts, click on them and generate you more money. But that’s not true.

Many times if you exceed certain levels of posts per day the platforms can consider your account as spam, and then your posts will start loosing reach, and you will then loose money.

Reach in any Social Network is not linear, and is not an easy task to say how many posts a day it’s the optimal to maximize revenue. Similar to what happen with what’s the ideal time to post, how many posts a day is something you need to test, and keep testing.

You need to test, to analyze what’s the ideal number of posts a day, a week and a month that would maximize your revenue, also to understand the best time per social network you should be posting.

And you need to continue testing, because this trends change. Social networks change continuously their reach algorithms. Also the audience change their habits and composition, so testing is a continuous effort that needs to be made to maximize revenue.

Testing is a never ending work, and it’s also the only key to success. Keep also following your main sources of information, as our blog, to keep posted with the latest news of the social media platforms, so you can be one of the firsts to make an adjustment in your strategy if needed. First movers always earn an extra prize!

Now it’s time to start testing and maximizing your earnings!

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