Make Money as a Socialek Affiliate

Socialek has a very profitable Affiliate Plan. Through this plan anyone can make upto 20% of commissions for life!

The only thing you have to do is to make people to register through one of your Affiliate Channels, that you can create through your Affiliates section.

We want to help you make more money so we want to share XX strategies so you can make more money!

Invite Your Friends

Create a Channel, named Friends or similar. It’s key to separate your strategies into channels, so you can follow the results of each strategies in the Affiliates Reports. Copy the affiliate link.

Now you are ready to contact your friends. Do not just spam everyone. Choose those that manage big fan pages or twitter accounts, tell them about Socialek, and how easy it is to make money without effort, and copy the link to them so they can register using it! You can contact them using whatever form, since the link will work using Facebook messenger, a public Facebook post, a twitt, Whatsapp, mails, etc!

Talk to them and tell them how good Socialek is and that they should be registering and test it. Each of them can be the source of commissions for you.

You can also post your link on your own social media channels, just paste them and publish them with an engaging text to call your friends to register.

Invite your favorite accounts

We all have those great Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages we follow that we love what they do. We laugh at their jokes or memes, we like their tips and advise and we would hate seeing them stop generating that great content just because it’s not generating any money for them.

What if we can solve that problem and make you commissions for you in the meantime!

Contact that page admin or twitter account admin, you can use the chat or you can message them, and tell them about Socialek. Tell them the truth, that you are a super fan of their content and that would love to give them a tip to make money, and then explain them about Socialek.

Tell them the advantages of being part of Socialek and how our platform can help them to generate money without any extra work on their side. Be open, honest and transparent, if they ask, tell them you are an affiliate and ask them to use your link to register.

You can use our support section to find relevant texts and answers to more common questions.

Groups and Forums

Another very successful strategy is accessing forums or groups, and also Facebook Groups and telling the users about Socialek.

There are thousands of forums and groups where people that try to make money over the Internet or monetize their social networks join to discuss strategies and new tools. Entering such places and recommending Socialek is a great way of finding new people.

You can look for those groups or forums using Google, and Facebook search. Join those groups and see the best way to invite them all to Socialek using your affiliate link.

Always read the terms of the group or forum so you can follow them and not be banned or penalized within the group.

Remember that not everyone will read every post, so use your imagination on how to post regularly with different approaches to gain attention of as many people as possible.

Also, use search engines of those forums and groups to look for people talking on related subjects and comment on those topics recommending Socialek to the readers.

Answer people doubts

Internet is a place where people ask a lot of questions. And how to make money is one of the top questions being asked. A quick search in Google for “How to make money online” will bring you 171.000.000 results. That means 171 million places where you can leave a comment or quote recommending Socialek.

Quora, Youtube and other big sites would concentrate a lot of qualified people that would be great if you can make them register through your links. Only in Youtube you have 41 million videos related to how to make money with facebook where you can comment (and add Twitter, or general how to make money online and other variations).

There are unlimited places where you can add a quote, answer or comment and invite people to register with your link, so just start looking for the best places and make the people love your recommendation on how to make money with Socialek!

Remember we are multilingual

Socialek Monetize can now monetize English and Spanish speakers! So do not limit yourself to one language, offer people in both this tool and method to make money.

You will always earn dollars commissions for everything they make with us, every new affiliate counts!

The PRO trip

We have affiliates making thousands of dollars every month. They’ve taken our resources to the limit, and this are some of the things they are doing different.

Many of them are paying ads on the link, to accelerate the number of account admins that can contact. Facebook let’s you target specifically those people that are administrator of fan pages, so it’s very easy to target them and generate many registrations for a very small amount of money, recovering it and making gains with the commissions they get.

Some are also using other kind of networks as Google Adwords and other ad companies to promote their links and make them known.

Yes I know you need money to do this, and assume some risks. But money brings money and our PRO affiliates are making serious earnings!

Time to Start!

So it’s time to start!

Go to your Socialek Account and create as many Channels as strategies you want to use.

Always try to test to find the best way to invite each audience to create an account using your links. See results and replicate. If results are not what you expect, adjust your strategy and test again.

Good earnings!

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