How to start making money with Socialek Monetize

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Socialek is a complete solution to manage and monetize your Social Media Accounts. We want to start our blog with the basics, on how to set up your account and some tips on how to improve results.

Let’s start with the basics, the simple steps on how to set up your account.

  • Register in Socialek!
  • Go to Socialek Monetize – Social Accounts.
  • Use the “Connect” buttons for Facebook or Twitter, and follow the steps that each platform asks to relate your accounts to Socialek.
  • Once Connected, go to Socialek Monetize – Campaigns – Add New to create your first monetizing campaign.
  • Choose a name for the campaign. Description is optional.
  • Choose the accounts you want this campaign to post in. If you have accounts in both platforms, you will have to choose one by type of campaign and to create another campaign for the second social account. Only accounts with more than 5.000 followers/fans are eligible. You can create as many campaigns as you may want.
  • Within Thematics, choose from the tree of content those that better adapt to your audience.
  • You can also post a text over the shared content. To do that use the Message field to set whatever you want to share. Using the %%CONTENT_TITLE%% macro the title of the content will be included.
  • Press Add New Time and add the days and time that you want the content to be shared.
  • Press Save to have your campaign ready to start.

You are all set! Your account will start making money. You will be able to follow results on the Dashboard and the Reports section. Remember reports are updated hourly and that each impression responds to un page view generated by a person that came from your social accounts.

Now lets have some tips that we think will help you improve results.

  • Create various campaigns, with different thematics to test which generate better results with your audience.
  • Also test time and days of the posts. You’ll be surprised on how time can affect results!
  • Test different messages, to get your audience attention or to get them Like or share the content to get more reach.
  • Be patient. Ideally let the tests run for some days, or even a couple of weeks. Let the audience get used to the content and value it as part of what you want them to see and share. Then evaluate results and choose the best performing thematics, days, times and messages.
  • Keep testing. The best performers never stop testing. You can always find a new thematic, a new message or a new combination that can maximize your results!

It’s your time now! Follow our suggestions and start making money online!

Remember to look into our support section for more answers and tips and if you need anything you can use our support contact form to get our team help you.

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