Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Socialek Monetize FAQs

How does Socialek monetize social profiles?

We own a propietary network of sites with exclusive original and engaging content. We are experts generating content and monetizing it, as optimizing all the process to maximize return per visit. We will recognize you a significant portion of what the visitors coming from your social profiles generate.

Do you publish any other content to social profiles?

No, Socialek Monetize will only publish through your social profiles the content directly related to our monetization strategy, therefore every post shared will be oriented to generate money for you. Also only you will manage when each post will be shared. So not only you will have total control of what will be shared, but also you will choose your preferred schedule of how many posts and when they are shared. If you’ve also relate your accounts to any other of our product, such rules shall apply.

What’s the average RPM?

This depends of a lot of factors, from the country of your visitors, language, how well our advertising partners can leverage data and retargeting, engagement, relevance, time of the month and year, etc. We are continuously optimizing our sites and strategies to maximize RPM. Our commitment is to maximize your revenue, and we are continuously working that. This is why we have so many partners that have been working for us for a long time. Also, the RPM will depend on the plan you choose. See our Socialek Monetize Plans for more details.

What are the Socialek Monetize Plans?

Not every partner have the same priority. Some prefer to generate more money, even when they have to wait some time to be paid. Others prefer to receive their money as soon as possible, notwithstanding they are not taking all of what they can generate. Recognizing this we created 2 plans, that each partner can choose freely from to optimize it’s account to his needs. The Plans are Socialek Monetize Fast and Socialek Monetize More.

What is Socialek Monetize Fast?

Socialek Monetize Fast is one of our two Socialek Monetize Plans that you will be able to choose when you open your account. With Socielak Monetize Fast you are choosing a plan where you will be able to get your payment every week for what you’ve generated the week before. So every Monday you will be receiving whatever you have generated from previous Monday to Sunday. Another big advantage of Monetize Fast is that you won’t have any discount from invalid traffic. What you see is what you get. Fast and easy way of making money and have it immediately in your pocket.

What is Socialek Monetize More?

Socialek Monetize More is one of our two Socialek Monetize Plans that you will be able to choose when you open your account. With Socielak Monetize More you are choosing a plan where you will maximize your revenue, getting the most from your social accounts.

What is the difference between Socialek Monetize Fast and Socialek Monetize More?

Socialek Monetize Fast let's you get the payments every week, and without discount for invalid traffic, but the RPMs are lower. Socialek Monetize More let's you have the best RPMs recognized for your accounts, but invalid traffic discounts are applied and you get your money net 30 from the end of the month. Even with the invalid traffic discounts that may be applied RPMs are always higher in Socialek Monetize More than in Socialek Monetize Fast.

How does Socialek pay?

We pay via Paypal. If you chose Socialek Monetize Fast, we will pay you every Monday. If you’ve chosen Socialek Monetize More, we will be paying you net 30 from the end of the month. All payments are gross from any commission or payment expense that Paypal may charge.

What’s the minimum payment?

Minimum payment is set to $25.

Why your RPMs are so high?

We create premium curated content. We partnered with top brands and top monetization partners to maximize the revenue we get from ads and from their diffeWe create premium curated content. We partnered with top brands and top monetization partners to maximize the revenue we get from ads and from their different formats. We add to this a professional team that optimizes both, ads positioning and yield optimization that carries a professional level of RPM maximized to your benefit.

Is there a minimum of fans or followers needed to register?

There is no minimum to relate your account and to manage it with Socialek Scheduler. Eligible accounts for Socialek Monetize need to have at least 5,000 fans/followers.

Does certain thematic is needed?

You can register with every thematic. You will also be able to choose from various thematics to be posted in your social accounts, various music styles, health, women, viral content and many others are included. As more people join our platform we will be including new thematics.

Can Facebook or Twitter ban my fanpage or twitter account for using your system?

There is no chance this can happen. You will be sharing real original curated content. Our app is approved by Facebook and Twitter and let’s you share our content. Our monetization partners are all legal, no popads or redirects included. Everything we do is legal and can not generate ban of any kind.

What kind of content you publish?

We publish links to one of our exclusive site network. All posts published and shared are original and written by our own team of writers.

How does the system determine the revenue of each?

When the system shares one of our links, it includes some exclusive parameters and macros that identify not only each of our partners, but also the social account, and a unique post id, so we will be able to help you understand what particular content, of what thematic and shared what date at what time generated more revenue.