Facebook Groups monetization is back! – How to set it up?

Finally Facebook Groups monetization is back!

After some months that Facebook paused Groups monetization we are finally ready to start monetizing them again. To resume your Groups monetization (or start it from scratch) you need to follow some steps.

All this process should only be done once, and will authorize Socialek to monetize as the Group’s admin.

Take the steps below to authorize your Facebook Group Monetization:

1. Refresh Your Facebook Connection

a) Login to Socialek

b) Go to Socialek Monetize > Social Accounts and click the “Refresh” button next to Facebook

c) Accept all permissions

2. Add Socialek to Facebook Group Settings

a) Login to your Facebook account

b) Open the Facebook Group you want to monetize with Socialek

c) Select More > Edit Group Settings

d) Scroll down to Apps > Add Apps

e) Type Socialek in the search field and select our official App within Facebook

f) Click the “Add” button

Repeat the process for each group you want to include. You’re all set!

You’ve completed the one time authorization required by Facebook and now you have the ability to monetize to your Group.

Set up your campaigns and start making money!

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