About Socialek

Know a little more about us

After many years as social media managers, managing Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, Instagram accounts, Snapchats and a lot more, we want to unite all the online communities under a simple purpose: changing the world sharing good content.

As we want to reach as many users as possible to generate a huge impact, we create a platform in which you can:

  1. Create your content, schedule it and share it
  2. Co-create content: select the topics you are interested in and we will give you content that you can personalized (brand, more information, etc.) and share it with your community
  3. Make a better world: share content to create an impact

Join us to live in a better world by sharing social impact content 🙂

Socialek Products

Socialek Monetize

The best way to monetize your social network's presence on automatic mode. We will take care of everything, and you will only have to get your money every month.

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Socialek Scheduler

Schedule and manage your social media strategy comfortably and fast. Do not spend time scheduling posts one by one, use our tool to take social media to scale.

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Socialek Automatic

Let us do all the job. Our platform will post the most relevant content for your audience, at the best times to maximize the interactions and growth of your community.

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With some simple data you will be fast creating your account with us. We will review your request and confirm your account as soon as possible.

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You will then add your social media profiles and define the related subjects you want us to use to monetize your profiles. 

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Sit down, relax and let us do the job! You will get a monthly payment on the money generated. You will have access to detailed reports to follow your earnings every day.