4 Strategies to Grow a Social Media Account

Social Media is where audiences are nowadays, and nobody can deny this. Now with tools as Socialek Monetize, it’s also a source of potential revenue. As in any other marketing oriented business, bigger is better. Therefore, understanding how to grow a social media account is key to make your business grow.

We are interested that everyone can have the biggest possible accounts, and use our tools to manage and monetize them, so we want to share 4 strategies to grow your social media accounts.

1. Share Quality Content

This is something that everyone repeats, but it’s not that easy. Quality content does not mean content that you took hours developing, or content you like or think your audience will like. In Social Media, quality content is content that your audience would love, and they would love it so much that they would like it, share it and comment about it.

This social actions will add organic reach to your content and will multiply the results, tempting others to like your fan page or follow your Twitter or Instagram account.

2. Make Others Share your Posts

If you can get that others share your content in their accounts or fan pages you will see some amazing organic growth happening. There are many ways to make other social accounts owners share your posts. There are many forums, groups and communities where you will be able to find opportunities to be part of a share exchange or buying shares.

Social Media Accounts are a business and in many cases investing some money in them let you grow your business significantly faster! So do not be afraid to buy a share if you think that that other account has the audience that fit with your target!

Also add your friends to your page, and ask them to help you sharing your posts. Your immediate peers are usually your closest strategy that you can start right away!

3. Run Some Ads

As said, Social Media is a business so you can advertise it! Advertising works great to grow your social media audience. Facebook (and Instagram obviously) and Twitter have great tools to be able to target exactly the audience you are looking for. If you run those ads with an engaging message, you will get your audience attention and they will join the account and make it grow.

Take into consideration that the more engaging the advertised content is, you will also get organic likes, shares and comments that will multiply the effect of your campaigns, and therefore lower your acquisition cost.

4. Be Constant, Be Patient

Rome was not built in one day, and your thousands followers won’t be either be brought together in one day.

Start your strategy, test, learn and scale, test again and correct. Do this many times, and you will learn how marketing professionals work. Test which strategy works better for you and for your accounts. Learn (a lot) in the process, and grow your accounts constantly.

Even when you have started monetizing your account, keep growing them, you can always have a bigger account!

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