How we do it

Choose topics for your community

You have more than 80 different topics to choose! Find which one works better for your community and give them the best content!


Schedule and manage your social media strategy comfortably and fast. Let us know the topics, hours and days you can posts and we will do it for you!


We will take care of everything, and you will only have to get your money every month

Working on a new way to activate your community and monetize

Create or Co-create content

You'll can create your own content or co-create it which means we will provide you different content (video, pictures, text) that you have to modify and personalized to your community with your brand, more information, etc. Give your community unique content!

Distribute to your community

You can share your own content, co-creations or another content from our different partners to your community. We will help you creating and scheduling these content as if we were your Community Managers 🙂

Make a better world and earn some money!

Share social impact contents and join us to make a better world while earning money 🙂